Top 10 Rules for a Successful Aquarium

Top 10 Rules for a Successful Aquarium
Before you start, there are some things you should know. You can use these tips as guidelines to ensure that you have the most successful aquarium experience from start to finish.
1 Feed your fish regularly, several times a day.
95% of aquarium fatalities are a result of improper feeding or poor living conditions.
If you make it a priority to feed your fish two to three times a day in an amount that they can eat in roughly two minutes, you’ll keep them healthy, happy, and swimming strong.
2 Follow the daily, weekly, and monthly checklists
Trust me, it will make your life much easier and will prevent a number of common aquarium mishaps.
3 Don’t overpopulate your aquarium.
The best guideline is a one-inch fish per gallon. However, you can’t put a 12-inch fish in a 12-gallon tank and expect it to thrive!
and remember – it will be easier to keep your tank healthy if you understock instead of overstock.
4 Add live plants to your aquarium habitat if possible.
5 Select the largest aquarium that you can use in your home.
A greater volume in an aquarium will equal a stable environment and give you more flexibility in your fish choices.
6 Plan your aquarium setup in advance.
choose the right plants, rocks, gravel, and decor to best complement your aquarium environment.
7 Keep aquarium conditions stable at all times.
8 Check the compatibility and requirements of your fish before you buy it.
9 Observe any fish carefully before you buy.
You want to check for signs of damage, disease, or weakness that could affect the overall environment of your aquarium.
10 Enjoy yourself!
The whole point of owning an aquarium is to master a new hobby and cultivate a beautiful habitat that you can enjoy day in and day out in the comfort of your own home.

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