Aquarium Algae: Simple Solutions For Aquarium Algae

Simple Solutions For Aquarium Algae
Aquarium algae can be removed by simply scraping the sides of the tank periodically or by rubbing rocks.

For those who have plastic mills and a bed of white sand, the situation can be more difficult because it will be necessary to whiten the rocks to remove all traces of algae.

However, if you do, be sure to rinse the gravel well afterward. Bleach is extremely toxic and even small amounts can have a major impact on aquarium fish.

Because the main cause of green algae is a lot of light. The first step in the treatment program should be to reduce the light, then partial water changes, and proper storage with natural ornamental plants. The final treatment with an algae treatment should ensure that the problem is eliminated and kept for at least a period of time.

One of the factors mentioned above is the use of natural aquatic plants as a means of controlling algae. It is actually more effective than many people think.

For starters, the lush growth of plants infiltrates certain algae that preserve the light. In addition, plants absorb a variety of chemicals from water, and algae starve some of their basic nutrients like nitrates (not nitrites).

Surprisingly, the appropriate level of plant storage is around 50 small plants per square root of available space.

The treatment you mentioned uses algae. I must underline the word “use”: it is completely different from “misuse”!

But despite this difference, I know that some people will continue to add chemotherapy to their aquarium and expect the problem to go away overnight, although they have done absolutely nothing to change the conditions in the tank that caused the problem in the first place.

The conditions I mentioned above must be fulfilled for a lasting effect to occur! Now that we know how to reduce the risk of green algae, I will talk in another article about the nasty “sister” brown algae (coated brown algae which are the opposite of green algae).

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