A Brief Introduction to Freshwater Shrimp Aquarium

Freshwater Shrimp Aquarium
Freshwater Shrimp Aquarium

So, you may be thinking to assemble a freshwater shrimp aquarium. But before I would give you brief information about how to assemble a shrimp aquarium; we would try to understand something about shrimp. Shrimps are marine crustacean creatures that you can find nearly every kind of water like fresh, saltwater, or brackish water environments. Shrimps are generally omnivorous i.e. they feed on both animals and plants found around them like algae and small fishes. Shrimps can grow easily at river beds and ocean floors. Shrimps can easily adapt to the provided environmental conditions and that’s why shrimp aquarium is becoming famous nowadays. Shrimp aquarium has many natural and psychological benefits. Many aquarists have found that putting a shrimp aquarium in their office can actually increase the overall working capacity of the employees of the company. Watching shrimp rambling down the fresh water in the tank can give soothing pleasure and confidence to the employees of the company, thereby increasing productivity.

Feng Shui also accepts the benefits of shrimp aquarium because many Japanese consider it as an example of the flow of wealth and prosperity. There are many elements of shrimp aquarium that explains the theory of Feng Shui like water: in the form of freshwater, earth: in the form of rocks, substrate, or rock wool, fire: in the form of lightening.

Many people think that maintaining a shrimp aquarium is very daunting, but they are wrong because you can easily setup and maintain a standard freshwater shrimp aquarium within your budget. Setting up a shrimp aquarium is very easy task and anyone can do it without the need of any expertise. Today, almost every item you need to setup a shrimp aquarium is easily available at your nearest aquarium store. You can easily maintain a standard size aquarium at your home without much effort. Shrimp aquarium setup and maintenance is not very hard and you can easily do it if you are passionate about shrimps and marine creatures.

If you are intending to add a fresh water shrimp aquarium in your house, then you have arrived at a better decision buying this book because I have described many techniques and operations that you must need to create and keep a freshwater shrimp aquarium in your household. Putting up an aquarium is surely not a rocket science, but it calls for a step by step procedure to follow for best possible results. I have composed this book from the perspective of a beginner and you will be successfully able to create and keep a good looking shrimp tank for your house. In general terms a freshwater shrimp aquarium is a tank made of glass having many fresh water shrimps and other plants and organisms for decorative use.

An aquarium is a container that can keep aquatic organisms and plants for a longer period of time in your home for decorative design. Producing and keeping a full freshwater aquarium is not a difficult task unless you know some fundamentals before you really begin to create one for yourself. Acquiring an aquarium is a step by step process and you have to wait for some period before you actually put some shrimps in your aquarium. Setting up and fully stocking an aquarium generally takes some weeks to a whole month. You must provide some time with basic steps that can spare you a bunch of time in the future.

You bear to consider many ideas in your intellect before you actually start making an aquarium for yourself. How much time you can provide to your aquarium? What is your budget for the aquarium? Where should you position your shrimp tank? What sort of shrimp species do you want to place in your tank? And many more.

Here is a simple list of Equipment for Freshwater Tropical Aquarium:

1. Tank
2. Stand
3. Hood
4. Lighting equipment
5. Air pump
6. Thermometer
7. Heater Filters (internal and external)
8. Gravel
9. Decorative items
10. Maintenance items like siphon or scrubber

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