How to Set up an Aquarium for Tropical Fish in 7 Easy Steps

Set up an Aquarium for Tropical Fish in 7 Easy Steps
Here is a guide to help you to set up an aquarium for tropical fish

Before bringing the fish home, they must have a place to stay. The aquarium will be their new home, so it needs all the amenities.

1. We hope you have purchased the largest water tank your money will buy. A 30-gallon tank may seem large to a small fish, but it will grow as well as your own family of fish. Fish need a lot of swimming space to get a lot of oxygen.

2. Installation of your aquarium – It is important to find the right place to showcase your fish. The windows are bad because the sunlight can heat your aquarium beyond what the fish can tolerate and its stomach will rise. In addition, placing the tank near an air conditioner or under a ceiling fan can cool it down a lot. Make sure there is a port nearby to easily operate the filters and lights.

3. Fill the water in the tank and remove the chlorine – tap water is easy to use in freshwater ponds, but the chlorine will kill beneficial bacteria and your fish. Use approved dechlorination packaging before the fish settles.

4. Setting Up Your Own Filter System – If you are using a gravel filter system, be sure to cover it with about an inch of gravel to help filter. The filter on the side of the tank requires at least two cartridges so that the water cycle does not malfunction when replacing one.

5. Cheating your tank – most people use a ribbon of water on the back of their tank. It is colorful and can remind fish of a more tropical environment. It also limits the external stimulation of fish. Choose something colorful.

6. Water analysis – Pet stores store test kits to test chemical levels in the tank. For example, fish do not thrive in ponds with too much ammonia accumulating. You can test to make sure these levels are within normal limits. When your pond goes through the nitrogen cycle, the environment eliminates excess ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. You can always monitor these levels before and after changing the tank.

7. Accessories – fish love to swim through things. Some people like to find places to hide, such as caves or dense vegetation. Follow all instructions until the plants take root. You can choose a rock with holes for temporary caves.

Do you want to know more about preparing your own aquarium?

Go Bookstore and check out magazines and guides on how to care for your tropical fish.