5 Exotic Tropical Fish: Rare Beauties

Exotic Tropical Fish, Rare Beauties

Some people want more than just goldfish in their aquarium (but don’t count the old sleep mode yet). You can find more exotic fish that have brilliant colors and shapes if you know where to look and what to look for. Here are some species you may want to explore.

Exotic tropical fish are difficult to define. There are so many fish that are different from what we are used to seeing that we can also call them “exotic”. Usually hard-to-find fish have this distinction. Fish crossed to preserve certain specific characteristics are also classified in this category.

Discus fish – If you have ever thought of a disc-like at the Olympic Games, the variety of discus fish is flat and wide and bright in color. These fish are shy and easy to understand. They originate from the Amazon river but are also raised in tanks so that you can enjoy them at home. Although beautiful, discus fish are sensitive to water changes. They like freshwater and high temperatures (85 degrees Fahrenheit). They are usually found alone in community tanks due to the high temperatures.

Betta – These fish are quite beautiful and aggressive. They will fight with other betta fish. Their coloration extends to feathery fins. While swimming, their fins open even more for a beautiful spectacle. Choosing healthy betta fish can be difficult because of their color. Find fish with no bruises, white patches (indication of ich), or scars.

Guppy – People have always loved guppies. They are small, narrow fish with brightly colored tail fins. They look like a bride in a tight dress with a flared bottom. Guppies are easy to maintain and like community aquariums. Temperatures vary for guppies and they are very plentiful. Female guppies grow larger than males by about two or three inches. For the fish farmer on a budget, they will eat these big fish flakes with happiness. Don’t give them too much.

Platy – These fish are brightly colored in red, yellow, and orange. What sets them apart is that they have dark colored fins that describe them in some way. Platys are hearty fish that can live in community tanks. They tolerate changes in nitrate and nitrite levels, so they make good fish when you start an aquarium and it’s about cycling to find a balance. They like vegetation to hide their eggs when they breed.

Goldfish – We said not to count them. There are very exotic goldfish species at a high price. Consider the black moor. It is a round goldfish with bulging eyes and long, velvety tail fins.

What types of exotic fish do you like? Here are some varieties that work well for beginners.

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