Quick and Easy Shopping List for Saltwater Aquarium

Quick and Easy Shopping List for Saltwater Aquarium

Make no mistake – starting a saltwater aquarium does require work. You need to follow all the rules for success in the introduction to feed your fish regularly, keep the water clean and at the proper temperature, and provide enough nutrients and light to live plants. But as I already discussed, owning an aquarium can be rewarding and serve as a beautiful conversation piece in your home that will also benefit your health!

Before you progress any further, check out this basic list of shopping supplies to set up your saltwater aquarium:

1. Aquarium – Yes, an aquarium should definitely be the first item on your list. You also need to determine where you want to put your aquarium, which will reflect what size or style you may have room for in your home.

2. Lighting – The lighting that you buy depends on the type of aquarium that you buy, as well as what livestock you’ll keep in the aquarium.

3. Powerhead – Depending upon how large your aquarium is, one or more powerheads are necessary to keep water circulating in your system.

4. Filtration Equipment – Yet again, the type of filtration equipment, including filters and skimmers, that you choose will depend on the aquarium that you buy.

5. Live Rock and Substrate – It’s important to purchase items to put at the bottom of the tank, whether you want to begin with living or nonliving materials.

6. Thermometer and Heater – One heater may be enough for a smaller aquarium, but a larger system may require multiple devices. A thermometer is also critical to keep your fish safe by ensuring that the water remains at the proper temperature.

7. Air Pump – An air pump is necessary if you’re using equipment like a counter-current protein skimmer.

8. Saltwater or Sea Salt Mix – Choose sea salt mix that is as close in composition to natural seawater as possible. Add a 1/2 cup of sea salt mix per gallon of water until the desired specific gravity is reached, normally between 1.021 and 1.025.

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