Aquarium Pumps, Everything You Need to Know

Aquarium Pumps
Aquarium pumps are very important in creating your own home aquarium. Good oxygen in the water makes it easier to breathe. The pump is usually connected to a plastic tube that is also attached to long protruding equipment with small holes throughout. The pump pumps air into the holes, making bubbles inside the sink. This facilitates a larger surface capacity, thus collecting more oxygen for the fish.

Air pumps can also be used for cosmetic purposes. The bubbles relax to watch and some air pumps are designed as statues of angels or marine treasures, and other models used for aquariums. Aquarium pumps essentially cost a few dollars, but they are widely available. When buying a pump, you should look for the fortified plastic tubes and the design you want to buy with, whether it is a baby angel leaking or a clam with a black pearl.

Aquarium pumps are fairly easy to buy, although they are quite expensive. However, the peripherals supplied with the pump, such as decorative materials, are inexpensive. It is in your sole discretion if you have a pump in your aquarium as the aquarium can still keep fish without the pump. Most ordinary aquariums have air pumps but delicate aquariums containing sensitive fish like cichlids are very delicate and they do not like the disturbance of bubbles in the water.

The circulation of oxygen is important and generally misunderstood as an essential factor in the maintenance of an aquarium. Some misconceptions may be related to the difference in equipment that facilitates circulation, such as air pumps.

The delicate segregation of a crowded aquarium is very different from ponds where stagnation is compensated by a wide variety of aquatic plants and bacterial life, severe weather conditions, and other active processes. An aquarium is not a complete environment, and the main concern of the person who keeps it is to imitate and maintain the environment inside the aquarium since stagnation has great effects on different critical processes in the aquarium.

Air pumps are like a wire whip when you beat egg whites. The egg whites become stiff and frothy because you inject oxygen into the water by breaking the surface tension. It is the gas exchange process that should occur in your aquarium. Oxygenating the water creates more breathing space for your fish.

Gas exchange also occurs without air pumps, through aquatic plants which are placed where there is a stagnation of water. Plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day, then breathe oxygen at night. They also need nitrates which would be transformed into nitrogen by the water filter. Thus, the water surface is not the main place for gas exchange, and the air pump is not necessary at all if you have aquatic plants.

However, if you want to buy air pumps, make sure you have everything you need to know before choosing the tube and fan. Aquariums need a lot of power and you may not think it matters, but it will also increase your power consumption. But if the air pump will contribute to the safety of your fish and your satisfaction, why not go for it?

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