5 Most Popular Freshwater Tropical Fish Species

Most Popular Freshwater Tropical Fish Species
There are more tropical fish species than you could count. You want your aquarium to be filled with beautiful fish that will give you hours of fun. Here are some of the most popular fish species that people include in their aquariums.

The fish species we will discuss here are all freshwater fish. For beginners, freshwater tanks are easier to maintain and afford. They give you as much fun and pleasure as saltwater without the learning curve. You can always adapt your tank to buy a new one to accommodate tropical saltwater fish in the future.

Catfish – Catfish – There are several species of tropical catfish that you can keep in your aquarium. Catfish are considered to be bottom feeders. They will eat food from the bottom end of the tank and rummage around. They are perfect for community environments as they stand alone on the bottom. Use a soft surface at the bottom of the tank as they search for food there. It can grow up to four inches.
Cichlids – It’s a fun name but for beautiful fish. They are normally found in the hot climates of South and Central America and Africa but can make their home with you. One of the most popular cichlids is the angelfish. They have amazing colored lines and long pointed rays. There are other cichlids with shiny and scintillating scales like the ram and the geophagus. Be careful though – cichlids are territorial. They may not get along with catfish because they want to claim the entire tank as an area.
Loaches – It looks a bit like “leeches” but not as yucky. These fish are long and round with beautiful striped patterns and small whiskers or thorns that help them to hang on rocks in fast currents. Loaches are lower feeders that will also help keep your tank clean. They work in the community. A caveat: they are sensitive to nitrate levels in the water, so frequent water changes are necessary even with the aquarium cycle.
Rainbow Fish – Want Color? Rainbow fish are small and brightly colored, making them the perfect addition to your aquarium. They like to swim fast and rush in and out of things. These fish move in schools. Having one or two rainbow fish can cause aggression in them. Keep many until there is a balance. Some popular types are the Boesemani rainbow, the Celebes rainbow, and the checkered rainbow.
Tetras – These fish are brightly colored and bloom in open spaces.
They also like to hide in plants or driftwood. To enhance their colors, keep the surrounding light and the substrate material darker. They are perfect for community floats and are used in schools.

Which fish do you envision for your aquarium? You can Start with these varieties to see which ones you like.

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